Upcoming Events

August 2019

This year, there will be pulp, danger, thrill, passion, mystery and all the blood you can stomach.

Our reading will feature some of Atlanta’s best writers and performers — from our next issue, past issues and folks we’re partnering with for the very first time.

Lennie Gray Mowris

Mauree Culberson

Jack Walsh

Jeremy Maxwell

Mark Kendall

Host: Gina Rickicki

We’re also supporting a new publication as well headed by gutwrench. alum Aja Arnold, In the Mainline.

Issue 7 Launch Party & Live Reading. Doors at 8 pm.

Previous Events

August 2018

Issue 5 Launch Party & Live Reading

8/8/2018- the Highland Ballroom

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Featured writers included Alayna Tucker, Ellaree Yeagley, Maddie Fay, Myke Johns, Junior Knox, Theresa Davis and host Gina Rickicki



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