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Something happened.

This is late. We know it’s late. We would offer apologies or excuses, if that was what we assumed our readers wanted for our first issue, but our readers don’t exist yet since we haven’t had a first issue yet. We at Gutwrench would offer our apologies to our writers, but they seem to know that this was delayed because of horrific reasons involving poison, disability and tennis balls. And our writers are just decent people.

So we’re doing this now, rolling out stories throughout the week.

First up, we’ve got a story from Atlanta drag legend Diamond Lil, told live and onstage at Carapace a few years ago.

Next, we have our first fiction piece, a very creepy bit of original horror by the great Grant Jerkins, the author of A Very Simple Crime and Abnormal Man.

For our third act, we’re giving you a gay love story with a twist from Cory D. Byrom, originally written for Write Club Atlanta.

Finally, we have a lovely essay from Sheronda Gipson, reflecting on those calls that come in the middle of the night that can only mean bad news.

Launch dates and deadlines.

Though the birthing process is often a bit difficult and horrifying, it looks as though we tentatively will be able to present you with some new content this summer.

June 1, in particular, would be a good day to expect something from us.

If you are a writer seeking a home for your short story, contact us by May 1 for inclusion in our first batch of stories.